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g+ mobile logoGoogle+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. With your permission, Instant Upload automatically puts the photos and videos you take into a private album in the cloud, so you can share them anytime, from anywhere. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

Google+ (Google Plus) is still in active development and not yet available to everyone. You need an invitation to sign in.

Share updates and see what’s going on around you with Google+ Mobile.[androidqrcode:]

  • Share your thoughts and location.
  • Instantly upload your photos and videos as you take them.
  • Get updates from your Circles in the Stream.
  • Check in to a place.
  • Make plans on-the-go with group messaging.
  • View posts from people around you.


Phone access options

Download the native Google+ app for Android (2.1+) from Android Market.

Web app
Access the Google+ mobile site by going to on your mobile web browser on an Android (1.5+) or Apple (iOS 3+) device.

Basic web app
You can access the basic Google+ mobile site by going to on your mobile web browser on one of the following devices:

  • Blackberry (6.0+)[advt]
  • Nokia/Symbian
  • Windows Mobile

Participate in group conversations and post via SMS. SMS posting (India only) and messaging support (US and India only) is available for any device that has SMS capabilities.

Standard message and data rates from your carrier may apply.

g+-mobile-screenshot g+-mobile-screenshot

Availability of mobile features

The features for Google+ Mobile vary depending on your phone, OS version, and access option.

Supported features are listed below for each version of Google+ Mobile; some devices may not support certain features.

Feature Android app Web app Basic web app
Share in the stream supported supported supported
Nearby* stream supported supported supported
Create circles supported supported
Check-ins* supported supported
Moderate comments & posts supported supported
Huddle supported
Delete photos supported
Post photos supported
Push notifications supported
Instant upload supported
Posting widget supported
  1. Available for Android phones 2.1+.
  2. Access the web app by going to on an Android device (1.5+) or iPhone (iOS 3+).
  3. Access the web app by going to on a BlackBerry (6.0+), Nokia/Symbian, or Windows Mobile device.


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