Google SMS Channel Commands for Sending Free Group Messages

Almost everything that you can do on the Google SMS Channel website can be done over SMS. Detailed in the table below is the list of SMS commands and what they do.

create <channel_name> <description> Create channel <channel_name> with optional description <description>.
By default anyone can join & all subscribers can send.
To change properties, use MODIFY
modify <channel_name> prisend
modify <channel_name> pubsend
Allow only the owner to publish to the channel
Allow any subscriber to publish to the channel
delete<channel_name> Delete a channel that you created
on <channel_name> Start receiving messages posted on channel <channel_name>
off<channel_name> Stop receiving messages posted on channel <channel_name>
register Register with SMS Channels service from your
<channel_name> <message>
Send message <message> to channel <channel_name>
Message is forwarded to all subscribers
poke <channel_name>
poke <channel_name>  <query>
Retrieve nth last message of channel or message in the channel satisfying given query
<channel_name> <phone_number>
Send invitation to <phone_number> to join channel
flag <channel_name> Report spam, illegal, or inappropriate content on a channel
pref <max_msg> <start_time> <end_time>
Retrieve current maximum_number_of_messages and time settings
Set maximum_number_of_messages and message receiving start and end times
<pref> <value>
set <pref> <value>

<pref> <value>

Sets the user preferences. The command can be used to set the following preferences

name – sets the nickname

max – the maximum number of messages you want to receive in a day

start – time of day when you want to start receiving messages

end – time of day when you want to stop receiving messages
Users can set multiple preferences at a time by specifying preference name and preference value one after other.

ch create
ch send
Receive list of channels you have joined
Receive list of channels you have created
Receive list of channels to which you can publish
Retrieve list of channels satisfying <query> in name or description
Retrieve more channels from this query
<channel name> members
Private Channels owners can see a list of subscribed members
<channel name> invitations
Private Channels owners can see a list of invitations sent
<channel name> members <+country code> <phone
Private Channels owners can remove subscribers
remove <channel name> invitations <+country code> <phone
Private Channels owners can delete invitations
OR donotdisturb OR nodisturb
You will not receive any SMS from SMS Channels
dndoff You will start receiving SMS from SMS Channels
about Learn more about this product from Google
tos Get link to online Terms of service
accept Acknowledge having read the Google SMS Channels Terms of Service and agree to abide by them
help <channel_name>
help <command>
See list of important supported commands
Get information about a channel
Get help about a command


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