MTNL SMS Subscription and Pay Per Use Services for GSM Customers

MTNL has launched the SMS subscription and Pay per use services for GSM Customers over Short code 57722. The following SMS services will be available to MTNL Customers. For subscribing any services just prefix SUB withKeyword text and send it to 57722 and to unsubscribe the service just prefix UNSUB with Keyword text and sent it to 57722. And for pay per use please send Keyword text to 57722.[source]

Keyword SubKeyword Keyword text Description
Joke ADU Joke ADU for Adult Joke
Joke GEN Joke GEN for General Joke
Joke HT Joke HT for hum-tum Joke
Joke HW Joke HW for Joke on Husband Wife
Joke LUV Joke LUV for Joke on Love
Filmy Holly Filmy Holly for Hollywood Gossips
Filmy Bolly Filmy Bolly for Bollywood Gossips
LoveTip LUV LoveTip LUV for Love Tips
LoveTip DATE LoveTip DATE for Dating Tips
FirstAid AB FirstAid AB for Animal Byte
FirstAid BL FirstAid BL for Bleeding
FirstAid BB FirstAid BB for Bone Breakage
FirstAid BUR FirstAid BUR for Burning
FirstAid FEV FirstAid FEV for fever
FirstAid FIT FirstAid FIT for fits
FirstAid POI FirstAid POI for poisioning
FirstAid SHK FirstAid SHK for shock
Astro ARI Astro ARI for Aries sunsign
Astro TAU Astro TAU for Taurus sunsign
Astro GEM Astro GEM for Gemeini sunsign
Astro CAN Astro CAN for Cancer Sunsign
Astro LEO Astro LEO for Leo sunsign
Astro VIR Astro VIR for Virgo sunsign
Astro LIB Astro LIB for Libra sunsign
Astro SCO Astro SCO for scorpions
Astro SAG Astro SAG for Sagittarius
Astro CAP Astro CAP for Capricorn
Astro AQU Astro AQU for Aquarius
Astro PIS Astro PIS for Pisces
Prayer BHU Prayer BHU for Buddha
Prayer CHR Prayer CHR for Christians
Prayer HIN Prayer HIN for Hindus
Prayer ISL Prayer ISL for Islamic
Prayer JAN Prayer JAN for Jainism
Greeting Greeting for general greetings
Shayari Shayari for general shayaries
Though Though for Thought of the day

Tariff of The SMS Service

  1. Any Single SMS Subscription: Subscription service Rs. 8 per week
  2. Any single SMS service: Rs. 1 per SMS.

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