Google Reader – The Web-based Feed Aggregator

Good news for bloggers and blog readers!

Google has released the beta version of Google Reader last Friday. It is another Web 2.0 application using AJAX, just like Gmail. This announcement was made in the Web 2.0 conference.

Google Reader is the new web based RSS/Atom feed reader, which can aggregate latest posts in a single interface.

  • Automatically gets the latest news and updates for your favorite sites
  • Find the blogs and news sites you’ve been missing out on
  • Can search for new contents
  • Share interesting items – quickly email or blog it from within Reader. Star or labels items you want to save for yourself.
  • Reader FAQ and Reader Tour

Actually, I find the Google Reader’s User Interface difficult, as opposed to Google’s practice of simple products. It is giving me JavaScript errors too! Anyway, this is a good move from Google and hoping that it will improve a lot. Also, hope to see a lot of new Web 2.0 applications.

Now I have created my own Blog Roll and Content Aggregator using Google Reader. I classified them as Tech Blogs, Retail Blogs/News, Technology Blogs/News, Kerala News, India News, Microsoft Tech News/Blogs, etc… The better part is, since Reader is a web aggregator, it can be accessible from any anywhere in the world with an internet browser. This list can be exported as an OPML too.

BTW, did you check out Google video?

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