Google- Sun Partnership and the Internet World in My Dreams

You might have read in the news that Google and Sun announced a multiyear partnership last week. It is not clear as to what are the plans ahead for them other than Google buying Sun’s hardware, Sun distributing Google Toolbar along with Java runtime, and providing a Google search box in Open office. People predicts that later Google and Sun might work together to enhance and market Open Office, the free open source multi-platform office productivity suite from Sun.

I think that Google will probably work on to make the office suite available in the new upcoming Web 2.0 platform. That means, very soon (could be as soon as 3 years?), you will be able to create word processing or spreadsheet documents from within the browser without installing software on your desktop! Google’s web capability combined with Sun’s open office suite experience should deliver this new platform to the world. We should be able to save these documents directly to your Internet hard disk like the Gmail box. That will be the virtual office for the small business and even for the corporations. Then browser will become like an Internet Operating System and all applications are made to work on it! I guess Google or some other innovative new generation start up like Google should come up with this free, open source, Internet Operating System. Hmm.. I am very optimistic about this!

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