Google Reader – I am loving it!

I started using Google Reader two weeks ago and mentioned in the blog. It is a powerful web application from Google. If you haven’t started using Reader, I encourage you to do so, it is really good.

Now I have added my favorite feeds to the Reader. I tagged them as tech, malayalam, retail, seo, etc. – my areas of interest. Now the Reader gets the latest posts from all the feeds and displays the unread posts together! Navigation is very easy.

I am so excited. The best part is, I can access the Reader from anywhere using a browser. The UI is better than any other aggregators. My feed list is saved in Google servers, making my life easier.

I have added a meta link in this blog to enable you to add my blog feed to your Google Reader. Click on the Google Reader image on the blog side menu.

Google Reader also provides option to import and export the feed list. So easy to share the feeds with friends.

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