Google Calendar Sync: Synchronize Your Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Google released Google Calendar Sync, which allows you to synchronize events between your Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can sync Google Calendar events and Outlook Calendar events with each other, or just one way sync. You can also set the synchronization interval. 10 minutes is the minimum time interval allowed. This helps you to staying up-to-date with your calendar events irrespective of the email platform.

While Google Calendar supports pop-up, email, and SMS reminders, Microsoft Outlook Calendar supports only pop-up event reminders. Accordingly, only pop-up reminders are synced between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Also, Microsoft Outlook Calendar supports only one pop-up event reminder per event. So, if your Google Calendar events contain multiple pop-up event reminders, only one pop-up reminder will be transferred to your Microsoft Outlook Calendar events with this setting.

Download Google Calendar Sync and get over the headache! After the initial setup, the calendar icon will be placed in in your Windows System Tray.

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