Hotmail / to Replace MSN Web Messenger Service

Windows Live team blog announced that MSN Web Messenger ( will retire on June 30, 2009. MSN Web Messenger is being replaced by the already available new IM interface integrated in the Windows Live Mail / Windows Live People.

With Hotmail’s new web-based IM, you can chat from your Hotmail inbox or contact list, instead of going to MSN Web Messenger. Go directly to the Windows Live People page at and sign into Messenger icon on the top right corner to continue instant messaging on the web with your Messenger friends.

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  1. I am on my cousin computer who has dial-up AOL. I cannot get into my hotmail. Once I was able to pull up my hotmail under and get in. Now this morning I cannot get into my yahoo mail ([email protected]). Is the problem with AOL? Is it you all are still trying to get out the kinks. I am unemployed and looking for a job. This stops me from looking. Please help. If you would please send an answer on both email accounts. I never know if I will be able to get in. Thank you for your time.

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