GetHuman – Consumer Tool with Phone Numbers of Worldwide Companies

GetHuman is the ultimate consumer tool with phone numbers, shortcuts, reviews, tips, and more for companies worldwide. The GetHuman movement has been created from the voices of millions of consumers who want to be treated with dignity when they contact a company for customer support.

  • catalog steps to bypass automated (ivr) phone systems to speak directly to a human
  • list email addresses to quickly contact help from companies by email
  • list online help pages and web forms to get customer care via the web
  • [advt]list screen names or web pages for companies that offer live customer service chat
  • find new ways that companies are reaching out to customers, like via Twitter
  • establish standards for customer care based on input from customers (not businesses)
  • allow users to rate businesses for their customer service
  • allow users to discuss customer service experiences
  • allow users to share tips on how to contact help and receive better service

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