Zaarly – Buy and Sell Things with People around You

Zaarly helps you buy and sell things with people around you.  People need a simple way to get what they want from people around them.  With Zaarly, you can now get what you want from your local community goods, services or a way to earn extra cash. It puts buyers at the center of transactions by allowing them to make requests for the things they need from people in their own communities.

When a buyer posts a request to Zaarly whether for food delivery, the latest tech gadget or reservations at the hottest restaurant in town  people in their community who have what they are looking for can provide it. Now, whether you are buying groceries, need to find a caterer, want a ticket to a sold-out playoff game or are looking to borrow a flatbed truck for the day, you can use Zaarly to find out if someone close by has what you’re looking for.  This two-way, community-powered process provides convenience and flexibility to buyers while allowing sellers to make money fulfilling requests from the people around them.

With Zaarly you can do

  • [advt]Find a person, a business or a restaurant to cater lunch at your office, fulfill a morning coffee run or deliver take-out to your hotel when you are on the road.
  • Get the latest gadget, furniture for your guest room,
  • Discover a graphics designer for your wedding invitations, a clown for your child’s birthday party, a lawyer to review your lease, a gardener to spruce up your yard, or an assistant for the day to help with a big event.
  • Rent an air compressor, an extra wireless router, a flatbed truck, an iPhone charger, a chainsaw or a sewing machine from someone nearby.
  • Meet a spanish tutor, a tennis instructor, a chef, a carpooler, a computer repairman, a plumber, an artist, a handyman, a dentist, a bartender, or anyone else who can help you living or working right around you.

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