Get Live Cricket Scores from ESPN Cricinfo in Chrome and Firefox Browsers

ESPNcricinfo extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox gives you the latest cricket news, features and live scores from the world’s leading cricket site,

In addition to alerting you about a new story via a small notification badge, it also show the current scores in a tooltip when you hover over the extensions’s icon.

Wicket Alerts: You can now select one or more matches to follow (by clicking the checkboxes next to them). Whenever a wicket falls at one of your chosen matches, the extension’s icon will change to a W on a red background. You can click the icon to see the wicket that fell.[advt]

Install ESPN Cricinfo in Chrome browser

Install ESPN Cricinfo in Mozilla Firefox browser

Alternatively, you can choose to be notified by a Desktop Notification alert. Visit the Options page to enable Desktop Notifications. There is a bug in Chrome whereby clicking “Disable notifications from ESPNCricinfo” does nothing. If you don’t want Desktop Notifications, please disable them from the extension’s Options page.

You can filter the news stories by country. Click on the small gear icon in the top right corner of the extension to access the Options page and select up to two countries.


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