Get IPL Cricket Match Score On Your Mobile “Miss Call Pe Score” – Dial 09004444444

DNA Infoline has introduced a free service “Miss call pe Score” for the Indian cricket fans during this DLF ┬áIPL Cricket Season, April, 2011.

To take advantage of the service “Miss call pe Score”, the cricket fans will have to

  1. Dial 09004444444 from amobile phone
  2. After the call, the phone will automatically disconnect and in some moment, DNA Infoline’s application based on Keygoe System will send the SMS with the latest score to the phone number from where the call would have come.

[advt]Due to the anticipated huge traffic of calls for DNA Infoline “Miss call pe Score” service, the company has deployed 16 PRI lines which would mean that at any given point of time during the IPL match, 480 calls will beserviced simultaneously.

Biju Simon, General Manager – DNA Infoline said,

“This service required a platform, which was capable of handling and processing huge volumes of calls. We tried this application on various platforms including well known international brands of PABxes. Finally we shortlisted Donjin’s Keygoe because of its stability, reliability and scalability for all telecom applications which demand hugeprocessing power”

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