Tingiz – Microsite for Connecting World to Product Using QR Code

Tingiz is a micro site for your product, and connect it to the product itself using a QR code. Tingiz connects this world to the physical products themselves, turning each product into a junction between the user, the manufacturer, and the entire web.

Tingiz is a platform for creating smart and simple mobile micro sites for products, to be accessed from the product itself through a connector (mainly QR codes). The product micro site is created and managed by the product manufacturer, and is built from a set of modules which are designed specifically to be used for products.

Tingiz micro site module empowers the product usage experience in many aspects, such as:

  • [advt]Community – Discuss with other user of the same product, see which of your friends is using it, etc.
  • Marketing activities – games, polls, sweepstakes, contests, trivia, tip of the day, etc – all accessible through the product itself.
  • Support – get manuals, guides, contact customer service, troubleshoot known issues, etc.
  • Shopping – find local retailers for this product, buy more of it online, buy complementary products, replacement parts, merchandise, etc.
  • Information – While the product itself has a limited space, the minisite can hold a huge amount of additional information. For example – a food products can contain nutritional info, recipes, cooking tips and more.
  • Sharing – The user can show off his products by sharing it, or by liking the product/brand page on FacebookCustomer service – a way to contact the product manufacturer with ideas, feedback, complaints and praises.

The product company gets:

  • A new rich, interactive and fun way to deliver their messages.
  • detailed statistics regarding the users and their activities.
  • Feedback from customersHappy (and sharing) customers
  • New sales opportunities

Tingiz is aimed for product companies of all sizes, from home-businesses who sell hand made products, to global-scale food and electronics product companies.

Tingiz is quite transparent to the end user – The mini site is branded by the product company. No proprietary scanner is needed (although a free and super fast scanner for android is provided). No Tingiz registration is required by the user (Facebook is integrated for social activities such as commenting or sharing).


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