Google Sync – Synchronize Calendar and Contacts with Mobile Phone

Google Sync is a utility for mobile devices to synchronize user’s calendar and contacts between a mobile device and Google. With Google Sync, users can view and edit Google calendars and contacts from a mobile device, and get alerts for upcoming calendar events. On most devices, Google Sync uses the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Download Google Sync for Mobile from

Google Sync for Mobile is available for most mobile phones. This is how Google Sync works with the following devices:

Apple, Windows Mobile, and Nokia S60 devices: Over-the-air synchronization of Gmail, Contacts and Google Calendar to the built-in Mail, Calendar and Address Book applications on your phone.

Blackberry devices: Wireless synchronization of Google Calendar and Contacts to the built-in Address Book and Calendar applications.

Most other mobile phones: Wireless synchronization of Google Contacts to the built-in Address Book application.

Google Sync being a beta software,it has its own limitations as well. When setting up a new Exchange ActiveSync account on your device, existing data may be removed from your phone. Before you start, make sure that you backup data from your phone using the Nokia PC Suite or other phone management software. You’ll also need to make sure that your phone is compatible with Mail for Exchange and that you’ve downloaded the latest version.[source]


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