Free Online Reminder Tool – Download ReminderGuru

ReminderGuru is a free online reminder tool which offers a simple and easy to use online service that lets you schedule and send reminders to yourself and others. This free online reminder tool can help user especially those who can’t seem to properly sort out their schedules.This free online reminder service works just like a classic reminder application. It allows you to add, edit and delete posts. ReminderGuru also gives you and option on where you want to receive the reminder, it could be through email, through a text message, or receive it from your phone.

Pending reminders are shown according to date of reminding, the soonest reminder comes first. You don’t have to worry because the pending post comes with the number of hours or days as well as the actual number of minutes left before the reminder happens. You also get to view on how you will be reminded, that is, through phone, email or a call. ReminderGuru allows you to see how far or how near a reminder is or perhaps an appointment is especially for business related schedules. ReminderGuru’s free online reminder tool allows you to see all reminders at once. This makes seeing past reminders easier to manage.


To use Reminder Guru’s free reminder service, signup and create an account. It only takes an email address and nickname and you are good to go. ReminderGuru will send you the details of your account including the password to login to the site using the email you just entered. Use the “returning user” textbox email and password to login.

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