Free International Calls to Japan using TringMe BlackBerry App/Website

To make it possible for anyone in the world to be able to connect with their near and dear ones in Japan, TringMe is now offering free VoIP calls to Japan from its Blackberry application and Web Portal. Regardless of where you are in the world, you can make personal calls to your relatives and friends in Japan to express your support.

TringMe’s Blackberry application can be downloaded directly on the Blackberry devices from There will be absolutely no call charges levied for TringMe’s direct WiFi/3G call from Blackberry.

TringMe provides a unified platform that integrates all the existing voice and telephony communication devices and opens up new avenues to innovate on such a platform. TringMe also provides a complete ecosystem that can cater to developing innovative applications that integrate Voice and Telephony without worrying about the underlying details of call routing and signalling.

TringMe can make and receive calls directly from the web, – no software to download or install. TringMe unifies voice across traditional telephony options (landlines, cellular phones) and the internet. TringMe customer support is available at

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