Free Backup and Disaster Recovery Software – Download RedoBackup and Recovery

RedoBackup and Recovery is free backup and disaster recovery software. It is a bootable Linux CD image that starts up a nice GUI for running bare-metal backup and recovery on disk partitions. It can use external hard drives and network shares. It is small, fast, and very easy to use, even for everyday computer users.

Download Redo Backup and Recovery


  • No Installation Needed: You don’t have to install Redo Backup. And you don’t even need to have an operating system installed to recover. Just insert the CD or USB stick into your PC and reboot. Never reinstall Windows again
  • Boots in Seconds: The system boots in about a minute, and all your hardware gets detected automatically. The system uses minimal space and resources, the download is only 200MB, and you can copy it freely.
  • Works with Windows or Linux: Some backup solutions only work with Windows, and some only work with Linux. But with Redo Backup, any computer user can save and restore all machines with the same tool.
  • Finds Network Shares: Redo Backup will automatically search your local area network for drives to backup to or restore from. You don’t need to know any details about a shared folder or network-attached storage device.
  • [advt]Access Your Files: Just pop the Redo Backup CD in, reboot, and you can copy your documents to another drive, a network-shared folder, or a USB stick.
  • Recover Lost Data: If you accidentally delete a file or empty your Recycle Bin, simply shut down the computer, insert the Redo Backup CD, and open the file recovery tool, which will undelete your files and save them to another drive.
  • Easy Internet Access: Is your computer broken, but you need Internet access to download drivers or read documentation?  You can boot off the Redo Backup CD and browse the Internet.
  • Factory Drive Reset: Before selling or giving an old PC away, be sure all personal or business data has been removed by using the drive reset utility. This ensures that no private information is left on the disk.
  • Drive Configuration Tools: Graphically edit, manage, and resize partitions to take full advantage of your drive’s capacity. Access powerful drive management and partition editing tools from the Redo Backup start menu.

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