FilmNet Content-based Social Network for Film Makers and Musicians

FilmNet provides a platform for all types of video content creators and distributors – indie and pro filmmakers, musicians, film festivals and schools – to exhibit their films and videos in high quality and professional manner. It will help filmmakers to distribute and monetize their work, as well as find collaboration partners, cast, crew or resources for their productions.

For regular viewers and film buffs seeking quality, it provides just that in a highly organized library for absolutely free. Its real-time social networking feature allows users to befriend and keep up with other viewers who share similar interests and with the filmmakers who produce the content they like to watch. It has been built with the vision of helping independent content creators reach a greater audience and monetize their work.

Its reviews section complements the video library with insightful review articles from professional critics and passionate users, covering selections from FilmNet, the latest theatrical movies and DVD releases. The toolbar is located at the bottom of the browser window when you are on any page of and provides a convenient way to navigate the entire site and communicate with your friends

FilmNet is a unique content-based social network combining three major web experiences:

  • [advt]You can find and watch high quality films, animation, web series and music videos, which are unique and entertaining and often not found on television or commercial sites.
  • You can find friends with the same taste in movies or music and socialize with them on your profile, upload your photos and create and share photo albums, access real-time updates and chat live with your friends.
  • If you are a filmmaker, actor, musician or other kind of artist, or you represent a film festival or a film school, you can use your profile as a way to communicate with your audience and generate a following. You can upload your own images, videos and also have a free professional listing in our Network database.


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