Back Up / Archive and Visualize Your Social Network Using GoGoStat Backstory

Gogostat LogoGoGoStat Backstory allows you to backup and analyze your information from social networks. You can filter and sort the archived information to reveal interesting facts about your social network. With GoGoStat Backstory you can:

  • Create a secure archive of photos, contacts, status messages and other social media objects so that you can always keep a copy elsewhere, and download it if need be.
  • Visualize your various social networking interactions, contacts and photos in ways that are powerful, informative and fun.
  • Bring together, clean and organize scattered contacts and photos from various sites and devices into a common location.

Backstory Features:

  • Archive : Backup photos and contacts from various social networking sites, contacts sites and photo sites. Safeguard memories and contacts in case these sites are down or information is deleted. Create secure archives of photos, contact, status messages and other social media objects that you can download anytime.
  • Visualize : Reveal stories contained in your social networks. Visualize your various social networking interactions, contacts and photos. Powerful search capability that you can use to search for topics, people and photos across all of your photos, contacts and social networking content.
  • De-dupe: Detect and fix/merge duplicated contacts information. Backstory actively keeps your contacts up to date so that its accurate and dependable. Continuously cleans your address book by fixing data commonly entered incorrectly, incomplete or in various formats. Download your contacts anytime and import them into Microsoft Outlook® and synchronize with all your devices through GoGoStat Dossier.
  • Photos: Merge albums from various sites. Aggregate photos from various social networking or photo sites into one place. Search through all you photos for tags, captions, geo-codes and titles. Use the powerful viewer to look through all your photos using filters. You can download your pictures anytime.


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