Stribe Meta Social Network for Websites, Share Social Interactions

Stribe is a meta social network for websites which enables them to share social interactions, achieve greater visibility and grasp new business opportunities online. Stribe’s unique selling point its that it links websites together, thus creating communities centered on shared interests. You can think of it as a kind of “social web ring”.

Stribe integrates fully with Facebook and Twitter, bringing you all of the benefits from these social networks too. It enables your content to reach a qualified audience on numerous other websites. You will not only be visible on Google and Facebook, but also on a huge variety of other sites which share the same interests.

Your content is automatically discovered through your RSS feed, and, through an engaging UI, even older quality content is periodically proposed to members of the community as a topic for discussion.

Also you can easily link your website to others with the same interests and in the same line of business, automatically bringing more content and interaction to your website. The Stribe network enables the “cross-pollination” of members from your site to your communities, dramatically increasing the visibility of your content and bringing local communities together in a globally shared environment.

You can use Stribe to:

  • [advt]Search for and join existing communities
  • Discover which websites are involved in your line of business
  • Create your own social network on your website
  • Invite other websites to join you


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