Create Custom Social Community Using Toonti Free Platform

toonti_logoToonti is a platform that allows you to create your own custom Social Network. Toonti lets you create an awesome social community of your own without being a technology whiz.

Toonti provides innovative WYSIWYG Design Wizard and Design Tools that make it simple for anyone to design their social community site.

You can post texts, photos, links, videos, and almost everything. Features like events and suggestions allow everyone to get involved and organize their favorite activities while journals make document collaboration possible.

[advt]You can customize the look and feel of your community any way you want – color of your theme, the layout, the menus, the banner, to the HTML and CSS. Toonti site design tool is simple to use, as easy as drag ‘n’ drop.


Some Examples of what Toonti can do

  • Organize your Own Study Group
  • Share News and Photos with your Family
  • Create a meet-up Group
  • Manage your Clubs or Associations
  • Advocate your Favorite Cause
  • Build a Hobby Site

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