Export.ly – Analyze Twitter Followers for Businesses and Agencies

Export.ly is a tool for businesses and agencies to export and analyze their Twitter followers or Facebook fan page activity. It makes it easy to get insights about your Twitter audience or Facebook fan page such as time zone, influence, engagement, and activity. Get the data you need along with flexible Excel reports to present and analyze results.

[advt]It is a simple way to aggregate Facebook fan page activity, Twitter follower data, and Gmail contacts in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet filled with raw data and beautiful charts, graphs, and reports. This simple approach makes data easy to access and saves time building reports. It can also export email header data from Gmail and Google Apps accounts: recipient names, email addresses, subject lines and datestamps.

In addition to formatted Excel spreadsheets, the data can be exported as plain text CSV files, which is comparably useful, if not anywhere near as elegant-looking. You can still sort the data in various ways.

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