ToutApp – Spread Your Idea, Product, Mission Very Faster

ToutApp will spread your idea, product, company or mission very faster. It has an intriguing value proposition for all those that send a large number of outbound emails that have similar content. ToutApp looks to turn copy-and-pasted emails into templates that can be personalized with a few clicks.

Tout officially integrates with users’ Gmail accounts to parse through emails to identify the most commonly-sent mass emails. The tool then creates a dynamic template for that email chain, allowing users to autofill the name, company, or location as they write their emails. Users can also take advantage of auto-CC and BCC, or even auto-attach files permanently to a template, without leaving the comfort of their email client.

If a user sees that the email has been opened but not responded to within a few hours, one could even send a follow-up canned response using another one of Tout’s templates. This has the potential for creepiness, but it’s also a great way to save time and get the ball rolling on those high priority conversations.

ToutApp offers integration directly with your most-trusted CRMs, like Salesforce, Highrise, Batchbook, and Capsule. And with the ability to track views and clicks, teams can take the guesswork out of their email outreach with that realtime visibility into where emails currently stand in the review and response process.


  • Send Emails Faster: With Tout’s templates, you’ll be able to quickly insert the repetitive information into your email, and then spend your time personalizing it for the recipient
  • Create Templates from Your Emails: Take the emails you’re already sending, and turn them into Tout templates. It’s your words, tone and voice – faster.
  • [advt]Categorize For Easy Sorting: Your emails fit certain categories. Sorting them that way will not only help you better understand how you can communicate more effectively, but will also show you what aspects of your business rely heavily on email, and how you can improve.


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