DropDo(Fileslap)- Free Online File Viewer and File Sharing Website

DropDo(Fileslap) is a free online file viewer, and file sharing website. If you want to share some file with your friends, just upload that to DropDo. Your friends will be able to view that file directly online, without a need to download it. This makes file sharing really simple, and ensures that there is no need to download a file, just to view it.

It also lets you provide URL of a file, and view the file online. This feature is especially useful if you think a file might be infected by a virus. In that case, just add the URL to DropDo, and view it directly online.

It provides support for tons of file formats. It supports images, videos, music, documents, and much more. You can view, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, OpenOffice, CSV, RTF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, EPS, SVG, PSD, Illustrator, many video and audio formats (including mp3), and even plain text, and markdown. All these, and many more file formats can be viewed directly on DropDo.

[advt]It is extremely easy to use DropDo. You do not need to sign-up or register. Just go to DropDo.com, and click on “Upload a File” button. Then upload the file from your computer. Once the file is uploaded, it will show that file in browser, and also show a unique URL for it. You can share this URL with all the friends.

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