Enhance Google Search Skills with agoogleaday.com Daily Puzzles

A Google a Day is a site launched by Google which is a new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google. Questions will be posted every day on agoogleaday.com and printed on weekdays above the New York Times crossword puzzle. Google will reveal each puzzle’s answer the next day in the Times and on agoogleaday.com, along with the search tips and features used to find it.

[advt]Just like traditional crossword puzzles, the difficulty of the questions increases over the course of the week, so by Thursday or Friday, even the most seasoned searcher may be stumped.

To prevent spoilers from appearing as you search the web, look for the answers onagoogleaday.com instead of regular google.com—Google have made a special version of Google that excludes real-time updates and other things that are likely to include spoilers as people post the answers to the puzzle online.

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