DVBLink – Access Your PC TV Tuner from Your Mobile Device

DVBLink is free software that can access your PC’s TV tuner from your mobile device. You first configure your PC and TV tuner card using DVBLink TVSource, and then connect it up to Windows Media Center. This is by far the trickiest part of the whole equation. Once done, just download and install the requisite app for your mobile device, enter your server PC’s IP address plus the username and password you use to configure TVSource in the first place (the default is ‘user’ and ‘admin’) and then all being well you should connect successfully.

Download DVBLink 

[advt]Your mobile app allows you to browse an EPG looking for content to watch either click on a channel name to watch the current show, or click a future programme to instruct your server PC to record it in Windows Media Center. You can also set up manual recordings from the Recordings button.

Use the Settings tab to make changes to your server you may want to configure it to allow you access over the internet for example or switch channel order from alphabetical to numbering. You can also manually set the video quality settings, in case the signal breaks up too much due to a marginal connection.

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