Download Sky Go – Free App for Watching Sky Channels on iPhone, iPad

Sky Go is a free app from satellite broadcaster Sky that enables you to watch certain Sky channels on your iOS device. Precisely which channels you can view is dependent on the subscription you have with the broadcaster; if your package includes Sky Sports 1 and 2, you will be able to watch all five Sky Sports channels, while subscribers to Sky Moves 1 and 2 have access to Sky Premier, Showcase, Action and Adventure, and Family.

Download Sky Go for iOS Device

The app can be used to stream films and sports programmes over a 3G or wireless internet connection without the need to take out an extra subscription. The interface has been quite well designed, allowing for easy navigation of programmes.

[advt]Sky Go can be installed on two registered devices, both of which can be used simultaneously to stream programmes. This is a great option for households in which one person wants to watch the game while others want to watch a film. It can be quite demanding of bandwidth and this means that a 3G connection is not always enough to sustain a steady stream.

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