Droid Explorer – Manage Rooted Android Device with Windows Explorer

Droid Explorer is a free tool to manage your rooted android device with the simplicity of Windows Explorer. If you have rooted Google android phone then this tool manage Google Android phone on Windows. Droid Explorer is compatible with cyanogen’s ROM but it should work on other rooted devices that have busy box installed. With droid Explorer you can also apply update files, Reboot device in to recovery mode, and Take a Screen Shot, browse phone files and simple drop and drag to copy files locally.

Download Droid Explorer 


  •  Multiple Device Support
  •  Copy and auto-apply update.zip
  •  Copy local files to device
  •  Auto detection of connected/disconnected device
  •  APK file icon and extended information
  •  Device command shell window
  •  Reboot device
  • [advt] Reboot device in to recovery mode
  •  Open files for viewing / execution locally with the default file type executable
  •  Drag & Drop file copy from Explorer
  •  Flash Recovery Image
  •  Package Manager (Install & Uninstall)
  •  No need to mount SD card to access files from computer
  •  Access files in other directories besides SD card
  •  Copy files from device to local clipboard
  •  Paste files from local clipboard to device
  •  Open files on local machine
  •  Display open with dialog to specify what to open a file with
  •  Right click APK and Uninstall
  •  Right click APK and Install
  •  Delete files from device
  •  Take a Screen Shot (landscape or portrait)
  •  Plugins can register as a component to open files
  •  Open from within Computer
  •  Should now work with more ROMs as long as they are Rooted and have busybox
  •  Device “Friendly Name” instead of device serial number.

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