Xeoma Video Surveillance Software for Windows and Linux

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software is a video surveillance solution for both Windows and Linux-based systems and Macintosh computers. It supports an extremely wide variety of digital video cameras including wireless cameras, regular USB web cameras and IP cameras. It is a user-friendly and intuitive ways of configuring a complete video surveillance system in either the home or the work place. It allows you to add and configure modules by way of a visual construction set-like interface complete with user-friendly icons in a fully visual editor.

Xeoma Video Surveillance Software provides many useful features including motion detector with pre-recording, day/night time detector, cyclic archiving feature, built-in media player and remote access. The remote access feature, available in the trial and commercial versions, allows you to completely control and access your video surveillance network from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access, even without having a real IP-address.

Multiple computers can run the software and send the feeds to a central server computer. You can also view feeds online with the help of any Internet browser or monitor what your children are doing on laptop or computer.

Download Xeoma Video Surveillance Software


  • [advt]Supports any webcams and IP cameras (including wi-fi cams), automatic camera search and tuning;
  • Easy and simple settings (in one click);
  • Motion detector and day detector to adjust your video surveillance system exactly as you need;
  • Three modes: free, trial and commercial;
  • Handy built-in archive that works in a cyclic mode;
  • Full remote control of your video surveillance system via Internet.

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