Dekart SIM Explorer – Cell Phone SIM Card Processing Tool

Dekart SIM Explorer is a cell phone card processing tool that designed to view and edit the contents of a GSM SIM, 3G USIM or CDMA RUIM card. It allows you to view and edit the raw data; provides a more convenient way to display the information, interpret the contents of the file and show it in a human readable form. Besides viewing and editing files, the application can scan a SIM card in order to reveal unknown files. Dekart SIM Explorer allows you to conduct a ‘live’ analysis of a SIM card (i.e. operate with the card directly) or an ‘offline’ analysis.

Download Dekart SIM Explorer 


  • View and edit the contents of a SIM card.
  • Powerful search mechanism.
  • Several scanning modes:  smart scan is fast and able to find any standard SIM or USIM file;
  • Full scan will find all the files on the card, even if they are not defined by the standards.
  • View information about any file on the SIM card, as well as interpret the contents of standard SIM and USIM files.
  • View detailed information about the SIM card and the smart card reader.
  • [advt]View the status and manage the SIM card’s access codes (the state of PIN and PUK, the number of code entering attempts remaining, change the PIN, enable or disable the PIN, unblock the card).
  • Backup and restore individual files, as well as the entire SIM card.
  • Activate and deactivate files (if you have sufficient privileges).
  • Increase cyclic files.
  • Manage ADF files.
  • Interpret and display SIM/USIM/RUIM toolkit applications.
  • Extendable list of PLMN codes.
  • Extendable list of language codes.

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