SJ Lite – Jabber-Client for Cryptography Communications

SJ Lite is a jabber-client communications with integrated encryption in automatic mode. This client uses the latest advances in cryptography, methods of transmission and reception of data, as well as ways to create a user interface. It is built on WPF (extension. NET framework) and the language of XAML, it allows you to create interfaces for current and future versions of Windows.

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How does encryption work?

[advt]Encryption works by the aid of OpenPGP system, which is based on PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) – library of functions, due to which message encryption is carried out. This is a cryptosystem of the asymmetric encryption, so it uses two keys – open, for encryption, and closed, for data decryption. In this way, users, who wish their correspondence to be confidential, just exchange open (public) keys and send each other messages encrypted by these keys. When a user receives such message, he uses his closed (private) key for data decryption. The system guarantees privacy keeping a closed (private) key confidential. It should be realized that you can set the length of the key by yourself and control it. The program is supplied with performed actions viewing mode. It means that you can see on your display how message encryption is carried out.

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