Download Zimplit – Easy and Customized CMS

zimplit_logoZimplit is the easiest CMS (Content Management System) ever made. It is extremely lightweight, simple and customizable. It’s easy to install, and easy to use via a simple web interface. Zimplit consists of only one core engine file. it’s FREE, higher version is not free.  Zimplit for normal people, not for IT professionals and it really hope that it will make your web creation easy and fun. If there is something that is not so good

Download Zimplit

Why use Zimplit?

  • It’s simpler than any content management system you’ve seen before
  • No admin area – you just log in and edit on-site
  • You don’t need a database – all data is there, in HTML pages
  • [advt]Zimplit is 100% search engine friendly
  • You can set up your own website in 10 seconds
  • Zimplit is Open Source and free forever


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