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OGRE (Object-oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is fully multi-platform free open-source scene-oriented, flexible 3D rendering engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and intuitive for developers to produce applications utilizing hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The class library abstracts the details of using the underlying system libraries like Direct3D and OpenGL and provides an interface based on world objects and other high level classes.

An efficient, object-oriented hardware accelerated 3D engine. It abstracts the differences between APIs and platforms and allows scene-oriented coding through an easy to use object model. Adaptable to multiple scene types (indoor, outdoor, whatever).[advt]

OGRE has an object-oriented design with a plug-in architecture that allows easy addition of features, thus making it highly modular.

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  • OGRE has a scene graph based engine, with support for a wide variety of scene managers.
  • It can render the same content on different platforms without the content creator having to take into consideration the different capabilities of each platform.
  • OGRE also supports Vertex and Fragment programs along with custom shaders written in GLSL, HLSL, Cg and assembler.
  • The animation engine has full support for hardware weighted multiple bone skinning, which can be fixed across several poses for full pose mixing.
  • OGRE also has a compositing manager with a scripting language and full screen postprocessing for effects such as HDR, blooming, saturation, brightness, blurring and noise. A particle system with extensible rendering and customizable effectors and emitters.
  • The libraries also feature memory debugging and loading resources from archives.
  • There are content exporter tools available for most 3D modelers around including 3D Studio Max, Maya, Blender, LightWave, Milkshape, Sketchup and more.
  • The landscape scene manager has support for Progressive LOD (Level of detail), which can be automatically or manually created.

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