CushyCMS – CMS for Designers and Content Editors

cushycms_logoCushyCMS is designed for simplicity – for both designers and content editors. You define what’s editable and Cushy will take care of the rest. Automagically handling text, html and images. You define editable areas of your pages with a few CSS classes. Provide FTP details and you’re done. It has no programming required and no server requirements. You won’t even need to train your clients

  • It takes less than 3 minutes to implement and doesn’t require PHP or ASP
  • If you can add CSS classes to HTML tags, then you can implement CushyCMS
  • Since CushyCMS is a hosted CMS, there is no installation or maintenance either
  • No programming required

Upgrading to a Pro Account will give your editors a consistent message and ensure your organization is getting all the glory for this awesome CMS. Pro features include:

  • [advt]Use your own logo, color scheme and domain
  • Customize content, styles and icons within the WYSIWYG
  • Custom classes per editor, and custom welcome emails
  • Repeatable regions and page cloning
  • Ad-free admin interface
  • RSS Feeds for tracking edits
  • Direct, personal email support


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