Setster – Internet Technology Platform and Service Marketing

sesterSetster is an internet technology platform targeting the professional services market. Doctors, Lawyers, Therapists, Stylists, groomers and everyone who depends on an appointment calendar to meet with his/her clients. The professional services market has been long ignored by the new advancements in internet based technologies and innovations. Setster is changing the landscape of software for professional service providers by bringing ease of use and simplicity combined with rich functional value to help professional service provides focus on their business and providing quality service to their clients.

Single Provider

Appointment Software for Single Provider

[advt]Setster helps single owner and small businesses make more money. Market to your client base and make more appointments for your services. Make it convenient for your clients to do business with you online. Utilize your online presence and take appointments 24 hours a day with the online appointment software


Midsize Business

Online Appointment Software for Midsize Business

Setster’s is the most innovative online appointment software available. Thousands of growing online businesses rely on Setster to drive greater conversions and new business. Its flexible solutions are utilized by hundreds of industries. Setster’s hosted services model offers low cost and quick entry in to markets.


Large Enterprise

Appointment Software for Large Enterprise

Setster works with the world’s largest companies whose operations span the globe. Its enterprise-level solutions align your online marketing efforts by bringing your regional, national or global business directly to your local providers. Offer increased web functionality and see immediate results with measurably higher conversions and qualified leads with our appointment software


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