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Zaz is an multi-platform (Windows and Linux) arcade action puzzle game where the objective is to get rid of all incoming balls by rearranging their order. Zaz is a fast-paced puzzle game where you get rid of incoming balls by arranging them in groups of three by color.

Zaz is a game where the player has to get rid of incoming balls by arranging them in triplets. The idea of the game is loosely based on games like Luxor, Zuma and Puzzle Bobble. The twists that make Zaz stand out from other games of this type are that the balls have to be picked from the path (insted of being randomly assigned for the player) and that the player’s “vehicle” is also attached to a path which is different from level to level. It’s a free game. It’s a tremendous  game for  game freaks .

This link leads to you how to play this game.

Download Zaz

Zaz is also available as a portable tool

With the platform, you can run Zaz tool from USB flash drive, without needing to install the software in your computer. Download Zaz Portable

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