RegShot Free Tool – Compare and Backup Registry

RegShot is a great portable tool that allow users to quickly backup and compare the changes in registry. Regshot is an open-source(GPL) lightweight registry and file comparison utlity. Regshot can snapshot the registry and an entire drive or portion of a drive before and after a given event and then compare the two snapshots to determine what has changed then compare the differences. Gives nice undo/redo registry files, an HTML report of the changes and the option to save the snapshots.

It helps users find which changes have been made to the registry by any software. RegShot doesn’t make any changes to the registry itself or the local file system. Regshot is an excellent hands-on tool for administrating your registry. It may not clean like other apps, but it lets you see crucial details that other registry cleaners mostly miss.

latest version which works with both Windows Vista and Windows 7. The biggest change is that now it finally has x64 version available too. Having a separate 64-bit version is a huge change and it will really benefit the masses since more and more people are now using Windows 7 64-bit OS.

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Regshot is also available as a portable tool. With the platform, you can run Regshot tool from USB flash drive, without needing to install the software in your computer. Download Regshot Portable

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