Download Torch Browser – Inbuilt Drag n’ Drop, Torrent and Media Download

Since Tim Berners-Lee invented WorldwWideWeb, the first ever web browser in early 1990’s, the world has seen many advancements in web browsers. Netscape’s Navigator was the first commercial browser which was available for the public and it maintained its top position for almost half a decade. Later Microsoft joined the war and introduced Internet Explorer which provided a better user experience. Later in the early decade of the millennium, many others like Google, Mozilla, Apple and Opera joined the competition. Google’s Chromium platform changed the game definitions. With a built in app store, it countered its opponents.

Torch, a browser built on the same Chromium platform, had been released by Torch Media Inc. The team knew that just being another browser is not going to help them at all. So they used their think-tanks to find an appropriate solution and they came up with Torch browser, a different yet up-to-date and easy-to-use browser. The makers had successfully integrated the browser with an inbuilt Torrent client, a media grabber tool, drag and drop facility, a download accelerator and easy sharing facility. That means, this browser is no more a web browser, but an application through which an average user can perform all the functions they need to.

The browser comes with a default drag n drop option, which allows the users to simply drag and drop a photo or a keyword or a link from the browser to the relevant tile and search/translate/share the item with ease. The built in torrent option allows the users to download torrents from sites which gives torrent download option. Unlike other browsers, here the browser will handle the torrent, hence no torrent client is needed. Users can also perform pause/continue functions while downloading the files. The media grabber tool allows the users to download any media from sites with a single click.

The browser also has an inbuilt download accelerator which can control the download speeds. The easy sharing facility makes it easy to share the things which a user like with ease, to any social network.  Since Torch is built on Chromium platform, the browser’s security is far better. The browser also offer a music store named Torch Music and Hola for unblocking videos. The company claims that Torch browser is an all in one browser. You can download Torch here.

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