Download Spyware Terminator – Keep Your System Malware Free

Spyware Terminator is a surprisingly powerful security tool that offers many ways to keep your system malware-free. It has three operating modes, for example. Select “scan for spyware” and it’ll run on-demand scans only; choose “protect against spyware” and you’ll also get real-time antispyware protection; select “Protect against spyware and viruses”.

Download Spyware Terminator

You’re also able to decide how involved you’d like to be in Spyware Terminator’s decisions. Choose the Basic shield and the program automatically blocks all threats, so you’ll see only the minimum of alerts. But if you like to take more control of your own security, opt for the advanced shield and Spyware Terminator will leave all the important decisions to you.

[advt]And there are plenty of additional tools and options to keep you infection free. If asked Spyware Terminator can track your Windows Startup programs, monitor your services and drivers, and check web browser add-ons as they’re installed. Other filters monitor your browser settings, winsock configuration and hosts file, while Web Security Guard scans your favorites’ to make sure you’re not visiting dangerous websites.

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