Download RealWorld Cursor Editor – Create and Edit Windows Cursors

realworldcursor_logoRealWorld Cursor Editor can create and edit Windows cursors, both static and animated. You can draw your cursors pixel by pixel or make them from images using a simple wizard. Images in cursors can be modified by drawing tools such as Lines, Curves, Rectangles, or Ellipses. A drag-and-drop based interface allows users to easily reorder, duplicate, or append frames to animated cursors.

Download RealWorld Cursor Editor

RealWorld Cursor Editor contains several predefined filters covering color corrections, softening, sharpening, motion blur and other effects. Selected filters (for example drop shadow) can be applied on multiple images at once.

  • Creates beautiful cursors, with smooth egdes and stunning animations.
  • Allows you to share your creations with the whole world.
  • [adv t]Is simple to use with extensive tooltips, video tutorials and online help.
  • Automatically optimizes your animated cursors with repeating frames.
  • Is freeware

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