click.toapp – Single Click to Share Data with Apps and Web Services

click.toapp allows you to copy any text, picture, PDF, or other data into your favorite applications and web services, including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia, Evernote, Outlook, Word, Excel, Paint, Explorer, Notepad, Blogger, Google Maps, Google Mail, etc.. – all with a single click.

Simply highlight the data you want, copy it, and select the application where you want the data to be pasted. Avoid unnecessary clicks and hassle by using today.

For example, rather than looking up an address for a contact in Outlook, opening your browser to access Google Maps, and then typing in the address, you only need to click on Outlook, hit Ctrl+C, select the menu “Google Maps” and searches for the address automatically on google maps and shows you the results.

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