Download Start! Chrome Extension – Provide New Start Page

Start! Is an extension for Chrome that provides you with an all new start page. As well as housing links to your favorite web sites for easy access, the start page also displays news feeds and can be customized with a background image of your choice. Start! makes it quick and easy to get to the sites you need as well as keeping up to date with all of the latest news and blog posts.

Download Start! 

The upper portion of the Start! Page is home to your favorite web sites, while a bar in the lower half is used to house web apps you may have opted to install. The news feed section can be used to display information from news web sites and blogs but you can also use a variety of online services to consolidate a number of feeds into one

The background image of the page can be customized by click the Change Background link at the bottom of the page and this will pull in images that have been uploaded to Flickr. You can also use the URL link to choose a specific image of your own online.

[advt]Once set up, you can use Start! In a couple of ways. The first option is to use it as your start page so it will appear every time you launch Chrome, but you can also add it to a pinned tab. This means that your start page is always available no matter how many other tabs you have open.

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