Oracle Communications Digital Store Announced

Oracle LogoOracle announced Oracle Communications Digital Store – an end-to-end digital content platform that helps Communications Service Providers (CSPs) manage the complete content lifecycle, spanning content submission, test and approval and storefront management. It also provides consumers a compelling experience for discovering and purchasing a wide range of digital content for a variety of mobile devices.

Oracle Communications Digital Store offers the following capabilities:

  • Advanced content provider portal, which features an intuitive upload wizard and dashboard, and simplifies the submission and management of content by third-party developers
  • Centralized warehouse management system that lets CSPs more effectively manage testing and approval for content running on hundreds of devices
  • Comprehensive store management system that helps CSPs deliver a compelling customer experience by providing them improved control over content pricing, positioning and promotion
  • [advt]Personalized Web and mobile storefronts that let consumers discover, purchase, gift, share, rate and download content
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity with multiple network elements – including WAP Gateway, Push Proxy Gateway, Short Message Service Center, Multimedia Messaging Service Center and E-mail – to support rapid integration and content store deployment
CSPs deploying the Oracle Communications Digital Store can help:

  • Maximize revenue through premium content downloads and increase the number of subscribers using data services
  • Mitigate customer churn by enhancing the consumer digital store experience and supporting the simple acquisition of digital content on both smart and feature phones
Manage and deploy digital content on multiple devices via easy to use digital stores
  • Equip third-party developers in their efforts to build innovative revenue-generating applications and services that leverage CSPs’ unique network assets
  • Promote digital content through targeted marketing and advertising campaigns utilizing location and user profiles

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