Download Opera Mini Mod 4.21 Beta 6 In English

The Opera Mini Mods have become quite more popular these days which is clearly depicted by the  4.21 Beta 6 release of Opera Mod today . Opera Mini Mod 4.21 beta 6 provides lots of features and improvements since it is re developed and highly modded by DG-SC Team . It now boasts new features like free copy, better skin mode and lots of optimization for best performance.

This version has added two more new features:

1. User Mode to customize opera background and text/link color.
2. Free Copy features to select and copy text directly from its opened webpage.

Following are the added features into this version :

  • Multi-field direct input.
  • The selected text can be opened as a reference.
  • Full name in history.
  • For devices with touch screens on the bottom edge instead of a single command “back” arrow, added graphics functions “Back” and “Forward”.
  • The notice an error opening the page added to the notification of the successful opening.
  • When the program starts checking for downloads, waiting for the scheduled time and the message, if any.
  • In the direct input text added menu item “Open URL”.
  • A web search on a dedicated page of text.
  • Selecting and copying text directly from the page.
  • User mode. Added 2 values in “Change Skin” 
You can download the same from below :
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