Check Document Authenticity Online Using Portal is a secure online document verification and authentication portal facilitating the document issuer, document owner and a document user to be in a single web 2.0 eco-system enabling faster, cost-effective and efficient verification and authentication of documents. The system augments the prevention of document fraud at a fraction of cost and reduces the use of paper. provides its patented document verification solutions on a SaaS model for its stakeholders.

The service works on a simple principle: A user can sign up to the free service on and start uploading scanned copies of records and certificates. It can store more than 80 different types of documents. The e-verify module enables the user to authenticate the documents by the respective issuing authority (verifier). Verifier’s ids are issued after a stringent review.

The verification is done just once, but the document owner can share the verified document multiple times. The process can be used by any document issuer, including passport offices, visa-processing offices and government offices, or recipients such as financial institutions and business organisations for procuring documents from customers who wish to submit it online. Every document submission follows an SMS-based push system, tagged by an auto-generated transaction code. The entire chain is end-to-end encrypted.

Those who require authentication pay a fee, which is passed on to the verifiers after a commission is deducted.


Secure Storage

  • [advt]Storage: offers its users space to store their key documents online in a safe and secure manner.
  • Any time retrieval: By storing documents on secure platform, one can retrieve any document for any purpose without hassles.
  • Storage security: has implemented world class solutions to keep your documents safe from unauthorized access;
  • Privacy of stored documents: The user has full access control to these documents, enabling the user to permit sharing or viewing of documents with entities or organisations.
  • Encryption Techniques: All documents in are stored using a special encryption technique. This protects documents from unauthorized access and helps create a robust document storage system.
  • Backup Solutions: data is completely secured using powerful backup solutions, providing 24/7 services its customers.

Online Verification

  • Verification IDs: provides its patented secure verification ids to entities that need to verify documents issued by them. These verification ids are issued after a strict and stringent review of the entity’s credentials, existence and systems. to carry out online verifications
  • Process: Documents are uploaded to and requests for verification are made online.
  • Benefits: helps its users to create a repository of verified documents from various issuers to help to build a more powerful identity system.

Online Submissions

  • Online Document Submission: Documents are traditionally submitted using paper. allows users and corporates to share documents using SecureSubmit, a patented online document submission platform.
  • Process: Users can send the required document to the the list of corporates registered with The transaction is initiated by the user, after which the SmS received with an authorisation code from needs to be forwarded to a designated number or completing the submission process..
  • Benefits: Online document submission makes it possible to provide confidential and personal identity documents directly to the entity requiring the documents for an application Thereby eliminating agencies, which are the primary cause of data theft.
  • SMS based document submission: ‘s patented SMS embedding system provides a secure online document sharing system to ensure higher authenticity and transparency of the submitted documents. The integrated processes helps in reducing document frauds and identify theft.
  • Security and Privacy during submissions: A third party outsourced document collection system need not be used in the process. This supports a better identity management system for your own security.


Security adopted reasonable security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. All user files are safely stored on the private network servers. These servers are machines that are physically isolated from the public Internet, for security purposes. The Web servers are deployed using a dual-homed configuration, thus providing specialized, application-specific firewall protection to our private network. does not disclose details regarding hardware or software used, to protect its servers, customer files and information.

Secure Verification

The organization which signs the MOU with myeasydocs is supposed to allot a system and give a NIC number of the system.

Whenever the user at the verifying side tries to log on to the system using user name and password, the portal incorporates a mechanism that checks whether it is a genuine user on the allotted machine and then only the verifying portal is accessed.

Based on the NIC the system would generate a patch that runs on the system at the time of installation whenever the user logs in, the portal would run a script and checks whether the machine is genuine and then redirects the path to the verifying portal GUI.

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