160by2.com iPhone App to Send Free SMS to India and Singapore

160by2.com, the provider of free SMS services has developed an application meant for iPhone users. The 160by2 iPhone application allows you to send free SMS messages to Singapore and India from your iPhone.

Currently, users residing in US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait and India can use the application to send messages to India and Singapore.

Where can i get the application?

You can download the application iTunes for your iPhone.

How to use the application?

After downloading, launch the application in your iPhone. You can see 3 tabs in the application. You can use the first tab for user selection to send SMS. Using this tab, you can also manage all your contacts.

In the application you can also add groups and contacts. In the top right hand corner of the first tab, you can see contacts button. Tap it to add some groups and then you can add contacts assigned to groups.

All your contacts will be displayed in the first screen and from there you can select a few contacts or all of them to compose SMS. To type a message, tap Compose button and to send a message, tap the Send button. First time users will be directed to a login screen where you need to enter the login details. Once entered the details, tap Save. Again tap Send and the SMS will be sent to your recipient in either India or Singapore.

Registering at 160by2.com through iPhone

If you do not have an account with 160by2.com, you can register at 160by2.com through the iPhone application itself. Tap on the Register button and submit your details. You will get an SMS with your password. Enter the details in the settings page and you’re done. You can then start using the application.

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