diyFractional – Online Service to Set Up and Manage Shared Ownership of Asset

diyfractiondiyFractional is an online service that helps people set up and manage shared ownership of any type of infrequently used asset (such as a car, boat, or vacation home). For those seeking to share something, it’s a social network designed to help people find and connect with partners to share an asset with. For those already sharing something, it’s a community of experienced shared owners and a comprehensive shared ownership management app that makes managing an asset-sharing partnership easy, providing scheduling, expense tracking and reimbursement, voting, issue tracking, and much more.

[advt]People have been forming partnerships to share assets for decades, but until now they were on their own when it came to finding the right partners and managing the day-to-day needs of owning a shared asset. Usage of the asset needs to be managed so that each partner gets their fair share of time. Expenses need to be tracked and shared by members of the partnership. Partners need to communicate and collaborate to make decisions. It is not free.

Until now, no one had tackled the problem of providing an end-to-end service to help people set up and manage asset-sharing partnerships.


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