Download myConsultant – Android App for Direct Sales Consultants

myConsultantis an Android app designed with Direct Sales Consultants. It will make the check out process more professional by streamlining the calculations. Your customers will be impressed with your efficiency and you will love how simple it is to use. It will make it easier for you to focus on what really matters; your customers, hostesses and recruits. This app is AdSupported.

It Calculates:

  • Product Subtotal
  • Shipping
  • Tax
  • [advt]Grand Total
  • Commission

Download myConsultant from Android Market[androidqrcode: com.kemsoft.myconsultant]

Features includes:

  • Custom made calculator to enter in totals.
  • Shipping Percent, Sales Tax and Commission Percent are saved between sessions.
  • Every time any value is changed all totals are recalculated.
  • Menu option to clear all right column totals with just one tap of your finger.
  • Menu option to Hide your commission if you want to keep that private.
  • Personalise the look by changing the background image of the “Quick Calc”.
  • A Check Box to selected to either tax or not tax shipping
  • Square, the app that allows you to accept credit cards on your Android device, is now integrated. Square must be installed on your device to use this feature. You will be taken to the android market if you click on the menu option “Checkout w/ Square” and you don’t have Square installed.
  • Look up tax rates by zip code with

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