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WebEx Meetings is an app for Android. You can count your Android device every day to stay connected to the people and information you need to succeed, also you can count to connect your important meetings wherever business takes you. You can take mobile web conferencing to a whole new level with Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android. Attend WebEx meetings with full-screen view and simple audio connection options, including free VoIP, a direct call-in number, or a convenient call back on your phone.
View content shared from any computer, including: documents, applications, or screen sharing with live annotations. Zoom and scan the content by pinching the screen.

Download WebEx Meetings from Android Market


You can see who’s in meeting with you, and how they joined, with mobile and computer user icons. Start a chat with an individual or everyone in the meeting. And control your audio with mute/un-mute capabilities. With exclusive Android specific features, you can view your upcoming meetings on the WebEx widget, giving you instant meeting access directly from your Android home screen.
You get a streamlined sign-on process, plus the ability to easily start, schedule, cancel, and end meetings. [advt]Invite others to meetings directly from your contact list and easily pass presenter capabilities to another participant. You can even make another participant the host and expel participants, when necessary. It works over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

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