Download IceBreaker – Free Jezzball like Game for Windows and Linux

IceBreaker is a free open source game for Windows and Linux platforms. IceBreaker is based on a game called Jezzball, distributed as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows. Microsoft no longer produces this package, and you no longer can obtain the original Jezzball. IceBreaker has more functionality than Jezzball and is totally, completely, legally free!

What is it?
There are penguins on an iceberg in Antarctica. You have been selected to catch them so they can be shipped to Finland, where they are essential to a secret plot for world domination.

In order to trap the penguins, you’ll need to break the iceberg into small chunks. You do this by melting lines in the ice. If a penguin hits a line in progress, however, it vanishes with a loud noise, and you lose a life.

Once 80% or more of the iceberg is gone, the remaining chunks are small enough for shipping. Of course, if you manage to get rid of more than that, you’ll save on postage, thus earning you exponential amounts of score.

After you ship off one batch of penguins, it’s time to move on to the next. Each subsequent ‘berg will have one more penguin, and you’ll have one more life.

How to play?

The left mouse button starts drawing lines, the right (and/or middle) button toggles between making vertical and horizontal lines. Note that left clicking actually starts two lines: either up and down or left and right. If one of these lines is hit before it reaches the edge of the iceberg, you’ll lose a life.

If both are hit, you’ll lose two lives. As a tiny bit of grace, if you click directly on a penguin, it’ll say “Ouch” and nothing else will happen. Once a line is completed, any area containing no penguins is cleared. Once 80% has been cleared, the level is complete. You get an exponential bonus for every percentage point above that, so you want to try to make your last line suddenly clear a huge chunk of ice.

Download IceBreaker for Windows and Linux

IceBreaker Game for USB drive

IceBreaker is also available as a portable tool with the platform. Download and install IceBreaker portable for USB Drive

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